Monday, September 13, 2010

Taylor Swift Performs Barefoot at the VMAs

A viewer didn't have to look too closely at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to see that Taylor Swift performed barefoot. Swift wore a white dress and no footwear to seemingly portray "innocent" forgiveness of last year's speech-crashing hip-hopper Kanye West.

While I am always for barefoot activity -- and celebs like Joss Stone who regularly perform sans shoes -- Twitter lit up with negative vibes following Swift's performance. The responses were mostly retweets of user @Lord_Voldemort7 who has north of 220,000 followers. His negative and stereotype-perpetuating tweet?:
"Taylor Swift walked across the VMA stage barefoot. Poor decision making. Bieber fever is the tamest of the diseases she's about to get."
It's too bad that bare feet continue to get such a bad rap and that so many people think going barefoot is so unhygienic. Here's hoping The Primalfoot Alliance can help remind people how great going barefoot can be.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's decision to perform barefoot? Have you ever considered going barefoot when/where you normally wouldn't? Please leave your comments below.

Want to see her performance? Your wish is my command:


  1. What's disturbing about that attitude is that it's the young people of today who are so squeamish about going barefoot. Where is the young rebel spirit? Where is the desire to break society's arbitrary social and cultural rules? Don't the young use illegal drugs, dring alcohol, and have unprotected sex with strangers because it feels good to them? Don't they do dangerous things because it is exciting to them? Why wouldn't going barefoot go under the same category? And that would be the safest thing from all those choices by far. Are we really in the midst of the "eewwww generation"? LOL...

  2. I was very excited when I saw her barefoot. The ignorance about barefoot being unhygienic leaves me dumbfounded. You become ultra aware when you are barefoot. How often do these naysayers step in nasty stuff with their shoes, take them off, then proceed to use those same hands to eat without washing them first?

  3. I thought that the white dress and the barefeet expressed what she was singing about quite well. It wouldn't have had the same ring to it with, say, platforms or stilettos.
    Had I not been a novice barefooter I doubt I would have noticed anyway.

  4. I'm a teacher at the middles grades level, and DO wear VFF often. However, being a teacher in Fl., I wear flip flops as well, but typically kick them off in the classroom. My students laugh at first, but then they get used to it & don't even notice. I guess I'm just the "crazy hippie teacher" who loves to be barefoot?!

  5. Miss Swift needs alittle work on the dynamics of her voice.. seems she lacks alittle power at times and loses her tone a bit. Amazing song writer, beauty, very distinctive voice and great performer otherwise.

  6. I LOVE Taylor Swift's decision to perform barefoot! ^___^ I love bare feet, especially when they are bare feet as awesome and beautiful as Taylor Swift's bare feet! ^___^

  7. I like women's feet so not really a big fan of the "barefoot everywhere" idea, but as long as you wash your feet once they get dirty I guess I'm okay with it. A big pet peeve I have is when women go barefoot and get their feet dirty and then put shoes on without washing the feet. Remember this time I saw a really pretty girl sit down in a restaurant, kick off her shoes, and tuck one foot underneath her, exposing a pretty dirty sole for everyone to see. How hard would it have been to wash your feet before you went out? Plus now the inside of your shoes are dirty. Oh yeah sorry for my little rant. Back to the subject: taylor swift has beautiful feet.

  8. I notice a lot of singers performing onstage barefoot lately. They included the likes of Sandie Shaw, Linda Ronstadt, Cesaria Evora, Ronnie Van Zant, Jimmy Buffet, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Carrie Underwood, Mandy Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, and countless others.

    I am a professional singer (a classically-trained mezzo-soprano) and I'm not the type of person to perform barefoot onstage. I know one of my favorite singers Josh Groban doesn't perform barefoot but I notice that he has a knack of being barefoot quite often.

    For those of you who are into bare feet, please check out and http://www. You won't be disappointed!


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