Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Depot Requires "Shoes" in Stores

The Home Depot has signage at the entrances to their stores indicating that customers are required to wear "shoes." Wording clearly states "SHIRT AND SHOES REQUIRED," and an icon depicts a bare foot with the "no" symbol over it with a caption reading "SHOES REQUIRED." Along with prohibiting bare feet, the chain of stores also prohibits smoking, food and drink, and pets (excluding service animals).

While barefooters would likely be disappointed to learn that they are not to shop at The Home Depot unshod, the company is certainly within its rights to make such a limitation. This blogger can also understand why a store that sells hammers, saws, drill bits, nails, screws, razor blades and other incredibly barefoot-unfriendly objects would implement such a policy.

This information is shared for the sole purpose of assisting "Barefoot and Grounded" readers in making their own decisions about where to take their business. The author makes no claim to the quality of products or services of The Home Depot and neither encourages nor discourages the reader to shop at this establishment. For more information about policies of The Home Depot, the author recommends the reader contact their local store or corporate headquarters.


  1. I'd be perfectly fine with the policy if:

    1. They also banned open toed shoes and sandals as they are also hazzardous in that kind of "warehouse" environment (my partner sliced his toe with a metal brace that was cut improperly in the lumber department while wearing sandals; although I'm sure he'd been more aware of his surroundings if he'd been barefoot)

    2. They inforced the "No Pets" policy equally as the "No Bare Feet" policy. On any given visit, I see an average of 4 dogs along with their owners -- on occasion with no leashes! -- inside the store (I usually visit 3 different locations here in Toronto)

  2. Just read through some of the older posts here on your blog. Pretty thoughtful and insightful stuff here. Good job.

    Someone had posted a link to your Walmart post over on the SBL group. That's how I found you.

    Dan (BarefootSurveyor)

  3. Dan,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm trying very hard to make a blog that's not only a container for my thoughts on going barefoot, but that can also be a useful resource for others who like to go unshod. Best wishes.


  4. From what I've seen most scumbag "shoppers" read that sign as dogs don't need shirts or shoes at Home Depot also they may eat off the floor as long as it'
    s not with knife and fork also they can leave a pile of steaming cigar shaped objects

  5. Also their owners can eat dog shit off floor without benefit of knife and fork clearly that is better than leaving dog in car and having whole police and fire department there breaking into your car to save dog while you go hungry for dog shit inside store

  6. Tried to buy mulch outside in garden center barefoot today at Home Depot and was told to leave - Walmart down the road got my $$ instead.


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